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Pre and Postnatal

Why Pre/Postnatal Massage and Reflexology can be helpful


Being pregnant can be a wonderfully life changing event but for most women it comes with its ups and downs.

What happens during pregnancy is a true miracle. Whilst pregnant, the body is working extremely hard to facilitate all the changes needed to create and nourish a baby. This can leave even the strongest woman feeling physically, mentally and emotionally drained and, at times, in discomfort. Every pregnancy feels different – sometimes even from day to day – and receiving a Holistic Pre or Postnatal Reflexology and/or Massage could just be what is needed to help you relax and create a better mental, emotional and physical balance, hence making you mentally, emotionally and physically feel and cope better.


Pre/Postnatal Massage and Reflexology can be wonderful complementary therapies for the first year after falling pregnant. They can help to relieve many of the normal discomforts experienced during pregnancy and after, as there are many benefits to receiving a massage (see holistic massage page) 

or a relaxing reflexology session (see reflexology page)*


Equilibrium – Holistic Treatments For Women + Babies offers Pre and Postnatal Reflexology and Massage. Prenatal treatments (received during pregnancy) and postnatal or postpartum treatments (i.e., given in the weeks after the baby has been born) will specifically be tailored to your changing needs and can consist of a mix of combined Massage and Reflexology treatments.

*Further reading about the benefits of pregnancy massage:



What to Expect?


As a new client you will be send a questionnaire to fill in and return before the first treatment*. In addition, approximately 15 minutes will be added to your initial treatment slot to complete the consultation. On each consecutive treatment a short check-up consultation will be included.


To receive a Reflexology session the client is in a sitting position with their feet raised and only the calves and feet need to be exposed. The session is conducted by relaxing the feet and by applying pressure to specific pressure points in the feet. Although, depending on the client’s needs, some areas will receive more intensive attention, all areas of the feet will be treated during a session to support the body’s natural ability to heal itself holistically. Some areas might feel tender but generally, the experience is a gentle and relaxing one.

The Massage treatments are given, lying face up, down or on ones side (depending which stage of the pregnancy the client is in or if postnatal) on a comfortable, (and if required) heated massage table. After the consultation you will be instructed on how to get ready for the session and left in privacy for a few minutes to do so. During the duration of the session you will be covered with a sheet and only the body parts, which are being massaged will be exposed carefully to ensure your modesty and to keep your body warm and comfortable. Some areas might feel tender but generally, the experience is a relaxing one.**

For information on possible 'after effects' and general 'aftercare advice' please read the corresponding section on this website (see More -- Aftercare and Aftercare Advice). You might be given some individualised aftercare advice and self-help tips at the end of the session. While a single treatment can have a wonderfully relaxing effect, several consecutive sessions might be recommended to try to achieve a longer lasting and deeper result.

​During your session your feet will be gently cleansed before the massage begins. Pressure is then applied to specific reflex points, paying particular attention to areas of concern, while taking into account both physical and non-physical factors that might be affecting your well-being.

The sensitivity of the feet and body varies from person to person and session to session. Please discuss any questions you might have with me. At the end of your session you will get a few minutes to rest and receive home-care advice, if required. Drinking several glasses of water spread out during the day is recommended after a treatment to aid the body in eliminating toxins, which were released during the treatment.

*Please noteTo ensure the baby's and your safety, GP or consultant approval (or in some cases an indemnity form signed by you) will be necessary before sessions can commence, if the following contra-indications apply: diabetes, heart disease, chronic hypertension, previous complications during pregnancy (miscarriage), asthma, Rh negativ/genetic problems, previous multiple births, exposure to drugs/drug addiction, mothers under 20 or over 35 years of age, any complications diagnosed. Please contact me to discuss, should you have any further questions.

**Please note: Should you have received massages before you fell pregnant and always liked them to be very firm, please be aware that during pregnancy massage needs to be very gentle. This is to ensure the baby's and your safety.

How will I feel after  session?

Most people note a sense of wellbeing and relaxation; however, sometimes people report feeling lethargic, nauseous or emotional but this is usually transitory and is considered part of the healing process. Should you ever have concerns about how you feel after a treatment, please reach out to me. Should this not be possible, or in severe cases, please consult your GP, 111 or 999.

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