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Hot Stone Massage

What is Hot Stone Massage?

A deep, effective and soothing therapy using a range of different sized heated basalt stones to massage. The combination of massage and deep heat allows for a highly relaxing and effective treatment.


Strokes and techniques to manipulate the soft tissue and some deeper muscles are similar to those used during a holistic massage treatment but, in addition, the penetrating heat from the stones enhances the physiological effects of the treatment. Thus, giving you all the benefits of a holistic massage (see massage page) plus the added glorious feeling and benefit of deep heat penetration.


Hot Stone Massage works on a physical level, where heat and gentle to firm pressure is combined, hence being able to achieve a high level of releasing muscular tension, improving circulation and hence increasing the delivery of oxygen and nutrients around the body. It aids lymphatic drainage and the elimination of toxins and can thus help to boost the immune system. It can have a balancing effect on the nervous system by stimulating or sedating it, giving the body a chance to find its Equilibrium. When the body relaxes, letting go of the tension it holds, the mind can start relaxing and emotions can slowly unwind, helping to achieve an increased overall feeling of wellbeing, leaving the body gloriously warmed up and relaxed.



What to expect?

As a new client you will be send a questionnaire to fill in and return before the first treatment. In addition, approximately 15 minutes will be added to your initial session slot to complete the consultation. On each consecutive treatment a short check-up consultation will be included.

The Hot Stone Massage sessions are given, lying face down or up and on a comfortable, (and if required) heated massage table. After the consultation you will be instructed on how to get ready for the session and left in privacy for a few minutes to do so. During the duration of the session you will be covered with a sheet and only the body parts, which are being massaged will be exposed carefully to ensure your modesty and to keep your body warm and comfortable.

As for a holistic massage at Equilibrium - Holistic Treatments for Women + Babies only high quality ethically sourced and/or organic oils will be used. The basalt stones are heated up prior to the treatment in a heating bag and then smothered in oil before they are used to administer the massage strokes on the skin.  

​Sensitivity varies from person to person and session to session and the pressure applied during a massage will be adjusted when and where needed throughout the session. Please discuss any questions you might have with me at any time. At the end of your session you will get a few minutes to rest, get dressed and receive any home-care advice, if required. Drinking several glasses of water spread out during the day is recommended after a treatment to aid the body in eliminating toxins, which might have been released during the treatment.


How will I feel after a sessions?

Most people note a sense of wellbeing, relaxation and warmth.

For information on possible 'after effects' and general 'aftercare advice' please read the corresponding section on this website (see More -- Aftercare and Aftercare Advice). You might be given some individualised aftercare advice and self-help tips at the end of the treatment. While a single treatment can have a wonderfully relaxing effect, several consecutive sessions might be recommended to try to achieve a longer lasting and deeper result.

However, sometimes people report feeling lethargic, nauseous or emotional but this is usually transitory and is considered part of the healing process. Should you ever have concerns about how you feel after a session, please reach out to me. Should this not be possible, or in severe cases, please consult your GP, 111 or 999.


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