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About Me

Sometimes fate takes you on unexpected journeys…


Having not fallen pregnant after 5 years of trying to conceive, I knew that it was time to make some life changing decisions regarding my dreams of starting a family, my hectic career as a teacher and my lifestyle in general. I wasn’t sure what I was looking for but, while looking for ways to improve all of these areas of my life, I seemed to come across Reflexology related topics repeatedly. Never having had a Reflexology Treatment myself, I reduced my hours of teaching and signed up for a 1 year course. It was one of the best decisions I ever took. I qualified as an ITEC Practitioner for Reflexology in 2001, signed up for a massage course to start shortly after and started my own small practise – Reflexology for Women - from home. A few weeks later, just in time before the start of the massage course, I cancelled it – I was pregnant!


One of my first clients at ‘Reflexology for Women’ came to me looking for support during her fertility treatment. Her son and mine, born only a few months apart, became best friends. Reflexology is a wonderfully relaxing and balancing treatment and I have seen more than once what an impact it can have on clients’ hormonal, mental and physical wellbeing. Now, over 20 years on, I have finally taken the step to return to my intention of qualifying as a Massage Practitioner and to expand my knowledge and training to continue helping women with their hormonal, pregnancy related and general wellbeing. If you are female, looking for a relaxing treatment or help with a particular issue, please make an appointment and let’s see, if we can re-establish your Equilibrium.

I am ITEC qualified, fully insured and registered with the Complementary Therapist Association (CThA) and Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC). Products used during the treatments are high quality, ethically sourced and /or organic, and leave you feeling nourished and revived.

I specialise in Holistic Reflexology and Holistic Massage for women, and treat from my beautiful treatment room in Abbots Langley. Equilibrium – Holistic Treatments For Women, offers you a wonderfully serene and private space where you can start to unwind, slow down and re-connect with yourself.

I am looking forward to welcoming you.

Warmest wishes, Andrea

ITEC Practitioner for Reflexology and Holistic Massage

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Andrea Chishti, t.a Equilibrium – Holistic Treatments For Women

109 Abbots Road

Abbots Langley


07913 538 732


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Why holistic?

Treating someone holistically means taking care of a person in their entirety - mind, body and spirit.

Holistic Therapies have been around for thousands of years and can be used to support wellbeing and health in general or alongside most conventional medical treatments, by trying to help the body to establish and maintain balance – or Equilibrium.

Holistic therapists believe, that the body has a vital force or life energy, which, if in balance, can support the body to heal itself naturally.


It would be a great privilege to welcome you at 

Equilibrium - Holistic Treatments for Women.

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